The Electromagnetic Theory is woefully inadequate in explaining the electromagnetic interaction between reference systems moving relative to each other. This inadequacy is not only on theoretical, but also on a mathematical basis. Alice's Law, with (c+v) (c-v) mathematics in hand, makes up for this major deficiency in The Electromagnetic Theory, and contributes greatly to the development of The Electromagnetic Theory.

The Alice Law introduces new ways to people working in the field of theoretical physics and opens new doors for them. There are also some vital mistakes that date back to the past and ingrained into physics. The Alice Law also reveals these mistakes, shoves them out of the way, and replaces them with the truth.

Alice Law is a guide, a beacon on "FIELDS", a topic crucial to the science of physics. I think that new approaches that Alice Law brings to the topic of fields will attract great attention and that a variety of interesting experiments it foresees for the topic of fields will be high on the agenda of physics.

I particularly addressed to academicians and university students when writing the book as they should be the first ones to adopt, learn, teach, and use Alice Law.

I also did my best to make the book readable and understandable by anyone interested in physics. However, having basic knowledge of physics is important to comprehend the content. You may find some topics confusing, but there is no way I can simplify them any more than this.

I had the opportunity to compile my previous works in this book. I experienced some difficulties, especially in terminology, in my works in the past. I think that the terminology issue has come to a good point with this book. is home to Alice Law. You can follow all the updates related to Alice Law on this website.

Han Erim

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