I reached results, which are, I think I can say, a lot in number, in my studies on (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. When I specified these results that I obtained, I had quite a rich list as can be seen below. This list includes the results I have been able to reach so far. When Alice Law is studied in detail, there is no doubt that new results can be added to the list. I gathered all these results under the title “Relativity Effects” because I do not think it could have been named better. Of course, these are results that belong to Alice Law now. They have nothing to do with the results of Theory of Relativity, which are things of the past. At this stage, to update what we know, the question “What is relativity and what does it mean?” should be answered as well.

Definition of Relativity: 

In electromagnetic interactions between reference systems that are in motion relative to each other, a certain number of physical changes and effects occur depending on the existence of the speed of light constant in nature and these can be collected under the title of Relativity Effects.


• Wavelength Shift (Doppler Shift)
• Frequency Shift (Doppler Shift)
• Rearrangement of the wave speed equation for electromagnetic waves
• Byte Shift
• Time Shift
• Dimension Shift
• Image and Source
• Absolute Space-Time and Visible Space-Time
• Simultaneity and Coexistence
• Angle Shift
• Phase Shift and Signal Path
• Radiant Flux Shift

Some of these results share similarities with the results of The Theory of Relativity. For instance, Time Dilation and Length Contraction are included in Alice Law as Time Shift and Dimension Shift. With a difference, of course: as the foundations of two theories are different, these concepts logically describe different situations in these different theories. 

Alice Law, as is now, involves electromagnetic interaction between reference systems in uniform linear movement, that is, inert reference systems, relative to each other. This situation resembles the first appearance of The Theory of Special Relativity. (c+v) (c-v) mathematics will expand in the future so that it will include all movements. Accelerated motion, rotational motion, motions under the effect of gravitational force, etc. When (c+v) (c-v) mathematics reaches a level that contains all these motions, to put it differently, when force is involved in motion, Alice Law will reach its final form to a large extent.