[Early in 2018, I sent my book “Alice Law – Transition to (c+v)(c-v) Mathematics in Electromagnetic Theory” to many scientists for publicity. This writing “Invitation to the Light” is a foreword to that book. Nothing has changed. I'm still struggling for the scientists to measure the speed of a signal going towards a moving target.- March 2019]

Dear Scientist,

In the past, scientists believed that the earth was flat. After a long time measurements could be made and the earth was proved to be round. The earth is round, we are not discussing it anymore.

Today, scientists believe that "the speed of light is c" according to all reference systems. However, the speed of the light which is going towards a moving object has never been measured and the decision has been made without this measurement is done. What is the difference of this from claiming that the earth is flat?

In the past, scientists also thought that the water was falling down around the edges of the earth because they thought the earth was flat.

Today, scientists are thinking, as a result of these beliefs, that objects can be shortened, time can slow down, etc, etc. If the underlying information is inadequate, even if you are a scientist, you are driven into wrong places beyond your volition, just as in the past, just as today.

Make the necessary measurement and reach the truth. Pull yourself out of the horrible darkness, the meaningless crap you fall into involuntarily. If you bring yourself to the light, you can enlighten and help your colleagues.

After a while, inevitably, (c + v) (c-v) mathematics in Electromagnetic Theory will be accepted and the science of Physics will be cleared from the mistakes it carries. I sincerely recommend you to read this guide book with extra attention. 

The speed of the light is not "c" relative to all reference systems.

Wake up buddy, you need to wake up. It is not important in which branch of physics or astronomy you work on. This is a common subject that concerns all scientists and all human beings. Get up and start working.

Yours sincerely,

Han Erim