It is highly possible that dimensionless structures that were present at the beginning of the universe continue their existence without undergoing any changes today as well. It is also possible that some building blocks that established our universe at the beginning formed by preserving this dimensionless structure within themselves. 

I guess fields are the dimensionless building blocks of the universe. Alice Law has a very interesting and a very special principle that fields are these dimensionless structures.

Alice field principle: The length of a field never changes. 

This principle refers to the dimensionless feature of the universe and metaphorically states that fields can reach infinite distances since they are dimensionless. You can see how this principle came out in my publication named The Third Postulate that I mentioned above.

I believe only two postulates have been written throughout the history of physics. I can explain the difference between a postulate and a principle in this way; in their essence, a postulate and a principle are the same; but a postulate is a lot stronger when compared to a principle. It contains a huge potential in itself and it absolutely leads to great results sooner or later. The possibility of a principle to carry the features of a postulate is almost none. Therefore, they appear very rarely and their number is so few. 

I guess the First Postulate is the “Relativity Principle” by Galileo. Although different scientists, including Albert Einstein, wrote by approaching this principle differently, the content of this principle, its essence has not changed. The authentic version of the principle is more beautiful.

The Second Postulate is “The Constancy of The speed of Light Principle” by Albert Einstein.

The Constancy of Light Speed Principle: .... Light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity [speed] c which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body. 

Let’s be careful about the words “empty space” in the principle. If we think that each object has a space that is peculiar to it and that it owns, this principle brings us directly to Alice Law. When we interpret these special spaces as “FIELD”, things fall into their places even better and that becomes Alice Law. Therefore, Alice Law has never been in a fight with this principle. On the contrary, this principle has guided me in all my studies. You cannot define Alice Law without this principle, anyway. On the other hand, “The Constancy of The speed of light Principle” is not enough on its own. In order to turn Alice Law into reality, there is a need for a power that separates the idea of “empty space” that is in this principle, that builds, reveals special spaces/fields from that idea. This power is in Relativity Principle. The definition of “Rule” based on Relativity Principle at the beginning of the book is given to reveal these special spaces/fields, and we have seen its results in all its details stage by stage. Therefore, Alice Law wouldn’t exist without Relativity Principle, either. Both principles have created Alice Law with the great powers that they have.

Interestingly, I think that the principle “The length of a field never changes.” has the characteristic of a postulate. Therefore, I gave it the name “The Third Postulate” in the past. The power that will introduce the science of physics with these dimensionless building blocks of the universe is in this principle. Time will show if my prediction is correct or not.

Unfortunately, we have come to the end of the book. In fact, there are things that I can tell you, but if I speak more, imagination and reality will get mixed. For that reason, goodbye until we meet again.