The length of a field never changes.

I wanted to write this last part in a form of chat. I introduced (c+v) (c-v) mathematics and its results to you as much as I could in the previous parts. In this part, I’d like to express my ideas on the reasons that led to (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. 

Whether the gravitational force and electrical charge forces have effects in infinite distances and whether Doppler Shift occurs independently of distance are the major question marks in front of physics. As you can see, I used the concept “Field” to be able to explain (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. However, the use of Field Concept has again brought infinity in front of us. If electromagnetic energy is using fields, then fields should be in a structure that reaches infinite distances because (c+v) (c-v) mathematics can work flawlessly only in this way. 

Experiments on Alice Law will be eventually conducted one way or another. Assume that the results that are obtained from these experiments are in favor of (c+v) (c-v) mathematics and confirm Alice Law. What will we do in that case? This situation, whether we like it or not, will bring us a result which indicates that fields are infinite-size. How can a structure like this be explained? To overcome the deadlock that will be faced at this point, I am suggesting a different Big Bang model.

The Big Bang vs. The Great Collapse

According to the common view, the Big Bang is thought to have happened as follows: 
About 13.8 billion years ago, there was a singularity in dimensionless and infinite density somewhere in the infinite space. Something happened and the inner equilibrium of this singularity was suddenly spoilt and singularity began to expand at an infinite speed. The infinite density and temperature that existed in the first moments started to gradually decrease under the influence of the expansion. As the expansion continued, elementary particles that are the building blocks of atoms such as electrons, protons, and neutrons started to form, and then, as a result of the interaction between these elementary particles, light atoms such as hydrogen, helium, and lithium came into existence. As the universe was expanding, the speed of this expansion was decreasing. The gravitational force had formed, and with the influence of this force, gigantic clouds of gas that the atoms created began to get together to form the first galaxies and first stars. The first stars that had been formed died in time and scattered the heavy elements that they produced as a result of fusion to space while they were dying. Then the second and third generation stars and planets came to existence. According to our findings, the universe is still expanding. There may be some deficits in my narration, but I guess the general approach is this way. A really great fiction it is, indeed; nature is really doing incredible things. Although I knew these, I got excited again even while writing.

I think the problem with this fiction is here: A singular point in space has been considered as the starting point of the event. Please note that the explanation was made by already acknowledging the existence of a structure called "SPACE" in the first place. Space is a special structure that has three-dimensional axes and a time axis. Even if we assume that time started with the big bang, there is a structure with three dimensions left. Therefore, do we accept from the beginning the fact that there is a special structure called space? Or does this space at the beginning represent nothingness? If we say that space represents nothingness, then we need to start the Big Bang theory with a singular point in the nothingness, and this is not very consistent. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the Big Bang theory accepted the existence of space from the beginning in principle.

I look at the Big Bang in a bit different way. At the beginning, there was only a dimensionless formation. There wasn’t any place other than this dimensionless formation. There was not a place called space, either. We can think of this dimensionless formation as a singular point, but it is also possible to think differently. For instance, infinity is a kind of dimensionless, too. If we could have entered into that great singularity at the beginning, we would have come across a structure that extended to infinity; we wouldn’t have come across any end or a limit; being dimensionlessness is such a thing. In my opinion, the development of the formation of the universe from singularity or infinity is not a matter that has primary importance; the real important thing is that, there is no distinction as inside and outside of this structure. Like One and Zero. Like exists or does not exist. At the beginning, there was only that dimensionless formation.

It is necessary not to confuse the singularity of the universe at the beginning, its dimensionlessness and also its infinity with the singularity of the black holes. The singularity of the black hole is formed by the condensation of matter at one point. There is space around the black hole, and also gravitation in its center. However, the dimensionlessness at the beginning of the universe is very different. There is no need for a condensed structure; there is no force, no matter, no dimension, no space, but only an eternal calmness and tranquility. Of course, it does not mean that there was nothing at the beginning. In this dimensionless formation, there was a dimensionless "THING" that built the universe. However, I do not think we know what it is.

Then ...... the inner equilibrium of the universe was spoilt for some reason and the singularity began to collapse into itself. The "thing" inside the singular point began to form elementary particles with the effect of inward collapse, and the formation of the elemental particles caused the formation of dimension. The formation of dimension caused the structure we call space to come into being. I think the emergence of elementary particles with the formation of space took place at the same time. And I think these elementary particles emerged along with their own fields in this process. I consider fields as building blocks that established space. I wrote the rest while I was telling about the Big Bang. Events are happening in the same order here, too. I believe that the Great Collapse has slowed down, but it is not completely over. But these are not what I really want to say. The order of the things that I wrote in this paragraph may change, they may have deficits, they may be incorrect, this happens and that happens. From a general perspective, these have no importance at all. If there is something wrong, it will be eventually corrected or, if there is something missing, it will be found. I am telling you the important point right now.

We can summarize the most important difference between the Great Collapse and the Big Bang like this: In the Big Bang, the universe forms itself by spreading itself out to space; the Great Collapse creates matter and space inside its own singularity. In the Great Collapse hypothesis, the universe maintains the dimensionlessness it had at its beginning. We live in that great singularity and that dimensionlessness. 

See where we go from there;

  1. How does the length of a field extend to infinity?

  2. Can such a big structure behave like a rigid object?

  3. When the center of the field changes its place in space, how can the parts of the field that are at an infinite distance change places simultaneously?

  4. How is the information that the center of the field moves transmitted to the outer sides of the field?  

I am going to write the answer this time.

  1. Infinity!.. Which infinity are you talking about? I did not get it.

  2. What do you mean by “such a big structure”? I guess you are talking about a small infinite singular structure. How else can it behave?

  3. Who moved where and is there a place that one can move, please show me?

  4. Is there a difference in between? And what do you mean by saying the outer side of the field?

Ahahaha, I cannot help laughing. You are probably quite surprised by what I just wrote. I couldn’t decide how to write this part. And in the end, it turned out to be like this. And I guess it’s alright. 

A different mathematics that I was studying before the year 2000 gave me the idea that the universe can be dimensionless at the present time as well. And that mathematics led me to the idea of Alice Law. I didn’t include that in this book since it would be irrelevant to the book in terms of topic. If you are curious about this mathematics, you can find it in the articles that I published on aliceinphysics.com.

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(*) They have been published in the physics program Alice Law Version 7.