When we think about it, Alice Law actually leads to a simple change on the general theory of physics. It has extended the scope of The Electromagnetic Theory in a way that it includes the electromagnetic interaction between objects that are in motion. Of course, even though these changes are essentially simple, their results are profound enough to influence all physics theories because the interference has been made on the mainframe that carries physics. 

Alice Law has brought (c+v) (c-v) mathematics along with it. I guess the science world will adapt to this new mathematics in a short time. Of course, there will be resistance to this transition. However, the results of Alice Law are so clear and its theory is so obvious that it will easily defeat all these resistance attempts. On the other hand, it is inevitable that the experiments that Alice Law suggests will be carried out. With the results obtained from these experiments, Alice Law will reinforce its own existence more and more. 

(c+v) (c-v) mathematics is an interesting mathematics. While on the one hand, it preserves the speed of light constant with great sensitivity, it, on the other hand, maintains “The Rule of Velocity Addition”. It is quite obvious that (c+v) (c-v) mathematics presents The Rule of Velocity Addition for electromagnetic waves. If we remember, the logical foundation of The Theory of Relativity is that “The Rule of Velocity Addition” is not valid for electromagnetic waves. However, this has been a wrong assumption. As seen in the study, “The Rule of Velocity Addition” is valid for electromagnetic waves. Since how this situation was provided has been covered in detail in the previous chapters, I’m not going to repeat here.

Naturally, a period that will be quite painful for the science of physics will begin. On the one hand, there will be a transition to Alice Law; on the other hand, it will be necessary to eliminate some of the existing equations of The Electromagnetic Theory, to revise some of them according to (c+v) (c-v) mathematics and to clean equations that are connected to the mathematics of The Theory of Relativity and are settled into physics. During this time, new findings and new results about Alice Law will be obtained, too. Therefore, we will go through a very difficult period until tranquility dominates again. My suggestion on this topic is that all these changes should be managed under a single roof by establishing an international commission. This job is too extensive to deal with only with individual efforts and studies of small groups. Another difficulty will be the establishment of revisions in physics. After the revisions that have been done, lessons should not be covered with old, incorrect information and there should be no publishing with that information. 

The first one of the most important logical conclusions of Alice Law is doubtlessly that it shows electromagnetic waves move on fields. I’d like to state that, instead of describing a new, unknown physical structure, I preferred to go on with an already available concept and used the Field Concept. I don’t think this is a wrong preference. However, this structure may be considered as a different object if necessary and it can be named differently. In my studies, the Field Concept was discussed as a very general concept and, of course, I tried to make it as concrete as possible, too. If you don’t have enough information in your hands, you cannot do more than that. As can be seen here, the Field Concept was covered here in micro scale on the atomic basis and with very general outlines to an extent that it can explain (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. 

Fields is already an important topic which is kept up-to-date. It has come to a much more important position thanks to Alice Law. I think, to solve Alice Law in real terms, it is a must to determine which of the elements that make up an atom (or a togetherness of which elements) leads to (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. I believe a significant part of future studies will be on understanding what kind of a field each element of an atom has. 

I mentioned that it is a clear result that is shown by Alice Law that electromagnetic waves travel on fields instead of empty space. As a reflection of this, there is again an obvious result that shows that the speed of light constant is not a constant related to the speed of an electromagnetic wave that travels through empty space. The speed of light constant defines the speed of an electromagnetic wave relative to the field it moves in. In the future, it is a strong possibility that the speed of light constant will turn into a field constant. 

Personally, I see it a slight possibility for an electromagnetic wave to have a speed that belongs to itself. Instead, it is a higher possibility that a field is in a flow towards its own center, that this flow of speed is c, and that the electromagnetic wave is carried to the center of the field by this flow. 

The fact that the speed of light constant has a relationship with fields in a way also provides an important relief in physics theory. From now on, it seems possible for objects that carry mass to move faster than the speed of light and reach speeds like 2c and 3c because objects that carry mass do not move in fields like electromagnetic waves. Therefore, it is a remote possibility that the speed of light constant has a limiting effect on the movement speeds of mass objects.

Alice Law is a guide on the topic of how gravitational force and charge forces have effects, as well. At least, it paved the way for analyses by forming realistic models. Forming a model in which any change in the gravitational force is transmitted to other objects in the universe in zero time and simultaneously is not only possible but also very easy when thinking with fields in mind. It is also possible to form different models. It is possible to establish mathematical models in which a force/effect is applied, energy is transferred or effect is transferred to the center of the field at c speed just like in electromagnetic fields from an object to another object’s field, from an object’s field to another object and from a field to another field. From now on, it will be easier to understand which model nature uses.

The fact that (c+v) (c-v) mathematics is so clear makes it extremely easy to do analysis with the help of computer programs. You never have any kind of hesitation on the results that you see on the screen when doing an analysis with a correctly-written program. You can see what will happen in nature on your screen flawlessly. You know beforehand what will happen and what you will come across when you move at c speed and when you move at 2c speed. In my studies, in order to analyze events which I always look answers for, I tried to understand what kinds of results appear by writing programs that use (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. These programs have given me new information that I have never imagined so far. Almost all the topics that I cover in this book have been written in the light of the information that I could see and obtain with the help of computer programs I have written. It would be impossible for me to reach these results with only a paper and a pen.

I want to give an example from my recent studies. I was trying to understand how a solar eclipse would be seen by an observer; the result is below. Alice Law is utterly wonderful in terms of visuals. I have lost count of times of situations when I was astonished to see in my studies. If you are seeing this figure for the first time, it is possible that you will be astonished, as well.

Explanation of the figure: There is a solar eclipse in the figure.
The observer is moving in the direction of the red arrow at 0,4 c speed. 
Light Path that the lights coming from the sun towards the observer make up forms a curve. 
The moon on the light path shades on the lights coming from the sun. 
There are two elliptic circles, one big and one small, on the bottom-left. These are the Image Objects that are under the effect of Dimension Shift that belong to the sun and the moon. The observer is looking in the direction of the Image Objects. 
By the moment, the solar eclipse between the Source Objects is about to end. At this moment, the solar eclipse in the Image Object has approximately reached half of the time. 
The duration of the solar eclipse that the observer sees from the Image Objects is 15% shorter than the solar eclipse in Absolute Time (The time is not shown in the figure.).

The figure on the left, however, is prepared according to available physics. In the figure, the moon is between the observer and the sun. The sun emits random lights to all directions. The observer sees his surrounding area by hitting photons that appear on the path of the observer. The observer sees the solar eclipse from its location. 

Both figures are about physics. One is real and the other is imaginary. I think it is similar to an old story. Is Earth straight as a tray, or is it round? Earth is, of course, round.

Alice Law also includes important foresight for theoretical physics. For example, Alice Law says that it is impossible for our universe to lose energy by radiation. For an object to radiate, there should be an object or field in front of it. In Alice Law, it is impossible for an object to radiate in any direction to empty space without a target. An object needs the fields of other objects in order to radiate. If there is no field, there is no radiation. What a huge result, isn’t it? 

There are also points that seems to be incompatible with Alice Law and that await solutions right now. For instance, I couldn’t obtain the Lense Effect with (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. Is it possible for the gravitational force to have an effect on electromagnetic waves? I am not quite sure on this topic. If possible, it is necessary to understand the effect of gravitational force on (c+v) (c-v) mathematics and on fields. Existing observations on this topic should be revised. 

Doubtlessly, Alice Law will lead to the revision of theories of celestial bodies like Black Hole that keeps the science world extremely busy. Even the concept of space has changed with Alice Law. Empty space has lost its meaning and turned into something else. Alice Law will change our perception of photons, electromagnetic waves, as well. Here, I’m not going to give new answers to the questions “What is a photon?” or “What is an electromagnetic wave?”. This is not for me to say. I think I have already said what I needed to say. However, it appears on the horizon that changes will take place on this topic, as well. Consequently, Alice Law will affect physics and physics theories deeply. 

How does the length of a field extend to infinity? 

One of the biggest handicaps of theoretical physics is that gravitational force and charge forces can have effects on infinite distances. Along with Alice Law, Doppler Shift has been added to these, as well. Even though there is a solution found for this problem in Alice Law by using the field concept, it is hard to tell this solution will be satisfactory in real terms because questions similar to the ones below are brought to the agenda: 
Let’s assume that we accept fields as physical objects;

  1. How does the length of a field extend to infinity? 

  2. Can such a big structure behave like a rigid object?

  3. When the center of the field changes its place in space, how can the parts of the field that are at an infinite distance change places simultaneously?

  4. How is the information that the center of the field moves transmitted to the outer sides of the field?

Naturally, (c+v) (c-v) mathematics cannot answer any of these questions because it is a result of an already existing reason. The answer needs to be found elsewhere.

I have this idea on explaining how the length of a field extends to infinity. I must say that the birth of Alice Law began with this idea. Without the encouragement this idea gave me, the questions above would have prevented me from writing Alice Law and studying on it. I included this topic at the end of the book.