(c+v) (c-v) mathematics gives us great opportunities to understand the foundations of our universe. Alice Law has the ability to eliminate a lot of questions that await answers. 

There are a lot of experiments in line waiting to be conducted about (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. Besides, most of them are of vital importance. I’m not even counting the measurement of signal speed that goes to an object that is in motion, which has not been carried out yet.
There are other experiments, too. For example;
• Logically, it can be clearly understood that wavelength change takes places on the source. The fact that this change is independent of distance and takes place simultaneously should be confirmed with experiments. This is extremely important. If we are not sure about this topic and if we have no empirical evidence, the path to the development of consistent theories on the gravitational force that can affect infinite distances and electrical charge force will be stonewalled. I mean, you can develop theories, but you can never be sure of the theoretical results that you get. 
• Relative to a reference system with accelerated movement, it is important to determine the speed of the INCOMING signal that comes to the reference system itself. It is impossible to understand why this measurement, which we can even evaluate within the scope of general physics information, has not been carried out yet. It is not a difficult measurement, either.
• It is necessary to determine the speed of the OUTGOING signal that goes from a reference system that is not in motion to an object with accelerated movement. (c+v) (c-v) mathematics can only be improved with the information obtained as a result of this measurement. 
• In what way the Doppler Shift occurs between reference systems that move with accelerated relative to each other should be understood. We don’t have sufficient information in your hands.
• Whether Doppler Shift occurs depending on Gravitational Force should be found out. I need to state that an experiment on this topic (Pound-Rebka experiment – 1959) was conducted on this topic. However, this experiment was carried out with The Theory of Relativity and its results were analyzed in that direction. The experiment should absolutely be conducted again based on (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. 
• Doppler Shift equations for the rotation movement should be studied again based on (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. Experiments and theoretical assumptions should not be confused. 
• Measurement of Byte Shift should be done and it should be confirmed. 
• Whether wavelengths of electromagnetic waves that reach a space probe change in parallel with the acceleration of the space probe should be found out. Information that will come from this measurement so strong and vital that it can turn physics theories upside down, but we don’t have it. 

Experiments similar to this should be carried out and the results should be pointed out so that theoreticians can think, find their ways, and develop ideas. 

“How does Doppler Shift occur in accelerated movements, in the rotation movement based on (c+v) (c-v) mathematics?” I wanted to give place to these in this book. But since there is no written equation that I can benefit from and whose accuracy I am sure of, I didn’t tell about these here. Of course, I have some ideas and studies on the topic of how (c+v) (c-v) mathematics occurs regarding these movements. However, these studies can gain value only when they are compatible with measurement results. That’s why I didn’t give place to those in the book. 

The source of all mistakes in physics is that the speed of the signal that goes to a reference system that is in motion has not been measured.

Physicists, my words are for you;

In the past, the decision “The speed of light is constant for all reference systems.” was made without doing all the necessary measurements. This decision made was wrong. You may have never thought about this topic; you may not have noticed it. This is absolutely natural for physics. The important thing is what you will do now. Now that the WARNING has been given with all its clarity, will you just ignore it or be a real scientist?

I regretfully condemn those who do not raise their voices for this measurement. 

My profound thanks in advance to those who give their support for the measurement to be done, those who will do the measurement, those who will contribute no matter how.

Han Erim 


The experiment is, theoretically, extremely simple. We send a signal from a motionless reference system to an inert reference system that is in motion and measure in what time the signal reaches. We do the time measurement from the side from which we send the signal. 

It is obvious that it is very difficult to do this measurement in practice, but it shouldn’t be impossible. How the difficulties can be overcome is a technical issue.  

When the figure above is taken into consideration;

According to the available Electromagnetic Theory and Relativity Theory, the result should be as follows:

And according to Alice Law, it should be like this:


t0: The moment of signal emission
t1: The moment of signal arrival
tΔ: Travel time of the signal
d0: The distance of the target at the moment of signal emission
d1: The distance of the target at the moment of signal arrival
v: The speed of B relative to A’s reference system 
c: Light speed constant
c+v: The signal speed according to Alice Law


Alice Law by itself also shows that some very special experiments should be done. It foresees such interesting results for these special experiments that you cannot explain them with any of the available theories. Angle Shift experiment is one of those experiments. It is an experiment towards determining whether light changes direction depending on the movement of the arrival target of the light. 

For this experiment, there is a method that I have been thinking of for a very long time. I’d like to mention it here. Of course, different methods and other mechanisms can be built, as well.

The experiment is based on giving light from a laser source onto a rotating disk. The experiment is concluded by determining which point the light reaches when the disk is rotating and not rotating.


The result should be as follows according to The Electromagnetic Theory and The Theory of Relativity available:

Whether the disk rotates or not, the light follows d0 line and reach the disk. Angle Shift doesn’t occur.

According to Alice Law, the result should be as the following:

Together with the rotation of the disk, a Doppler Triangle should be formed. As a result of Angle Shift, the light that goes towards the disk should follow d2 line instead of d0 line and reach the disk. The amount of Angle Shift will increase in direct proportion to the speed of the rotation of the disk.


This experiment can be carried out in various ways. That’s why I don’t suggest any patterns.

The result should be as follows according to The Electromagnetic Theory and The Theory of Relativity available:

There isn’t any foresight developed on the topic of Byte Shift. However, since these theories are based on that the speed of light is constant relative to all reference systems, it can be said that Byte Shift will not occur according to these theories.

According to Alice Law, the result should be as the following:

Byte Shift is an effect that is formed on communication signals as a natural result of the existence of (c+v) (c-v) mathematics in nature. It is described in the book in great detail. The experiment conducted will confirm Alice Law.


The experiment is based on the measurement of the light that comes from a star to a space probe itself. The space probe is gradually accelerated in the direction of the star. Whether the wavelength of the light that comes from the star to the space probe changes as a result of this acceleration is determined. 

According to Alice Law, as the wavelength change occurs in the source, thousands of years will be needed for the lights whose wavelengths have changed to reach the space probe because of Doppler Shift. When the probe does the measurement, since it will measure the wavelengths of the lights that set out thousands of years ago, although the space probe accelerates, the wavelength of the light that it measures should not change. If such a result is obtained, it will be proven that Doppler Shift occurs at the source. Additionally, just like it is covered in this book, it will be a strong evidence for the topic that lights move within fields. 

As the target of the experiment, a pulsar star can be chosen, too. In that case, the measurement will be based on the frequency of the pulsar. The frequency measured when the space probe accelerates should not change.

I believe this experiment is one of the most important experiments of the history of physics and its results will greatly influence all physics theories.