I think the picture I put in the part of the book "The Theoretical Dimension of Alice Law" has attracted your attention. That picture is a truly extraordinary picture that exhibits all the beauty of the (c + v) (c-v) mathematics and reveals its secrets. I can only get pictures like these with the help of animations using intense mathematical operations. Here I'll show you the animation of that picture.

I suggest you to watch this animation after informing yourself about (c+v)(c-v) mathematics, and even to postpone watching this animation to the last place. Otherwise, what you see may be demanding for you. When I played the animation for the first time, I was very surprised at what I saw.

The observer travels on its own route. There is a sun and a moon on its route. We will watch how the observer sees the Sun and the Moon in the animation moment to moment.
Information about the flow of the animation:
When we press the Play button, the Observer starts to move in the direction of its route, and at the same time signals that belong to the Sun and the Moon start to come towards the observer. 
With the arrival of the signals to the observer, we see the formation of Image Objects that belong to the Moon and Sun, which are under the effect of Dimension Shift. The animation shows the Image Objects only with their outlines. For this reason, the Image Objects are hollow. Towards the middle of the animation, the mass presence of the Moon begins to shade some of the signals coming from the Sun, and prevents these signals from reaching the observer. As a result, the Observer starts to see the solar eclipse.
The red areas on the Image Object of the Sun show the parts that belong to the signals which are exposed to the moon's shading.
Over time, the shading of the Moon ends, and then the animation ends when the solar eclipse is about to end for the observer.

This animation was created with Bitmap technique. The bitmap technique cannot display continuous animation. For this reason, we only get a photo frame of a certain moment in this animation. The animation presents us the Dimension Shift in the Image Objects of the Sun and Moon in all its details. With the arrival of the Electromagnetic Wave Pack to the Observer (the end of the animation), the Observer sees the Image Objects of the Sun and the Moon.

Continuous technique and Bitmap technique were used together in this animation. After playing the animation, please watch it to the end.

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