This animation is for my publication “OBTAINING THE MATHEMATICS OF DOPPLER SHIFT”.

No electromagnetic wave, and we can also add photons to this, can be broadcast in zero time. They certainly need a period of time to be broadcast. Moreover, electromagnetic waves have dimensions, too. In order to define an electromagnetic wave, we use its dimension, in other words, its wavelength. By making use of these two characteristics of electromagnetic waves, i.e. requiring time to be broadcast and their wavelengths, it is possible to reach the mathematical foundation of Doppler Shift.................

You can find the rest of the article in the Publications After the Book section. It is certainly one of the most important among the current publications. I highly recommend you to read it.

In the simulation above, a signal tower continuously sends signals to a plane. In order for the simulation to be explanatory and for the details to be visible, the signal is used as a sine wave. The simulation uses pure (c + v) (c-v) mathematics. In fact, all the animations related to the book were made, without exception, according to the rules of (c+v)(c-v), but I wanted to mention this here in particular.

This simulation contains extremely important information. In addition, this simulation clearly shows how much of our existing knowledge of Physics is full of incomplete and inaccurate information. I would like you to be very careful here to be able to take in the intense knowledge that the simulation provides.

Technique used in the simulation: 
In accordance with the rules of (c + v) (c-v) mathematics, each point on the sine wave travels to the arrival target (plane) independently of the other points on the sine wave at the speed c relative to the reference system of the arrival target. You can find more information about this topic in the part “Signal Path”.

Control of the Simulation: 
The slider bar sets the speed of the plane. In the simulation, you can give any value in the 0 - c range to the speed of the plane. The plane can move in both directions. The center point of the slider bar is zero.

The signal turning blue or red symbolically indicates the Doppler Shift. If the signal wavelength lengthens, the color turns to red, and if it shortens, the color turns to blue.

Now, let’s click on the Play button to start the simulation. I would like you to control the simulation using the slider bar and to follow it for a while.

The results of the simulation:

  1. The moment the speed of the plane changes, the wavelength of the signal broadcast from the signal tower changes simultaneously as well. In other words, Alice Law says: In Doppler Shift, the change in the wavelength occurs at the time of the signal broadcast. THIS CHANGE IN THE WAVELENGTH OCCURS INDEPENDENTLY FROM THE DISTANCE AND TIME BETWEEN TWO REFERENCE SYSTEMS. 
  2. After an electromagnetic wave sets out for a target, a change in the speed or direction of the arrival target does not change the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave that sets out to reach it.
  3. The signals will reach their arrival target even if the arrival target moves away at c speed. 

There is other information in the simulation too, but the three items above are precursors to a major shift in the general theory of physics in the near future. Especially the first item is enormous. The change in the wavelength occurs independently from the distance and time, but occurs depending on the speed of the arrival target of the signal in the signal source and while the signal is being broadcast. But this information is not available in the current physics theory. On the other hand, the fact that this situation can be proved empirically adds an additional value to it and raises it to a very special position.

Here is a simulation here similar to the one above. In the simulation above, the signals were going only on the X axis. The Y axis is also included in the event here.

The black line on the tower is sensitive to the movement of the plane, and it follows the movement of the plane. Its task is to ensure the smooth broadcast of the sine wave. In the part “Phase Shift”, you can find the details of this topic.

The simulation will probably make you say. "Wow, look at this, it's incredible, spectacular."

This information is not available anywhere other than the pages of Alice Law. Just like you, the science community sees these simulations for the first time. It is natural for you to be amazed, astonished or even hesitate because you are looking at the unknown, and the physics of the future. When I created these simulations years ago, I was greatly surprised by what I saw and watched for hours as if I was mesmerized.

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