What is Alice Law
Alice Law is The Electromagnetic Theory that is based on (c+v) (c-v) mathematics.

"(c+v) (c-v) Mathematics" is a mathematics that explains how electromagnetic waves behave in the electromagnetic interaction between moving reference systems and that explains their rules. This mathematics expands the already-existing mathematics of The Electromagnetic Theory in a way that it includes electromagnetic interaction between moving objects. And Alice Law is based on this mathematics.

In the past, while the foundations of Electromagnetic Theory were being established, the speed of the light going to a moving target was not measured and this topic was neglected. This negligence resulted in a devastating effect on the general theory of physics and led to errors in the theory. This measurement has not been carried out even today. 

With the accumulation of knowledge that we reached today, there is no obstacle to measuring the speed of light that goes to a moving target. When this measurement is carried out, the Alice Law will be confirmed and there will be a transition to (c+v) (c-v) Mathematics in physics.

The science of physics should transition into (c+v) (c-v) Mathematics as soon as possible, and it will. In this transition, my book Transition to (c+v) (c-v) Mathematics in the Electromagnetic Theory will serve as a guide.

Alice Law
Transition to (c+v) (c-v) Mathematics in Electromagnetic Theory
Han Erim

The Online book is accessible for reading
Due to the importance of the issue, all chapters of the book are accessible without any kinds of limitation.
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The animations about the topics in the book
Detailed and explanatory animation pages about the topics in the book were prepared as of October, 2018. You can access the animations here.
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Publications after the book
My publications in the topic "(c+v) (c-v) Mathematics" still continue. You can access the work I wrote after the publication of the book from the same webpage. 

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My work before 2017

My previous work about Alice Law
My work between 2000 and 2017 are the ones that show how Alice Law became what it is today. The number of my publications in this period is more than fifty. You can access my previous work here: 

Downloadable Alice Law programs:
I prepared four downloadable programs about Alice Law between 2000 and 2017. These programs are still downloadable and readable. You can reach these programs from the download page. 

Promotional Activities
My work for the promotion of the book I sent the Turkish version of the book to more than three hundred people working at departments of physics and astronomy at universities in Turkey.
The English versions of the book, more than five hundred books, have been sent to Russia, the U.S., China, Turkic Republics, Japan, Pakistan, India, Germany, England, France, Italy, Egypt, Brazil, Finland, Denmark, Chile, and a few more countries. 

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